Free Estimate

Our Estimates are based upon many factors which require a site visit to assess any hazards within the area such as utility services, outbuildings, greenhouses, ponds and neighbouring properties where access may be required to multiple properties.

Traffic control, if trees overhanging busy roads and health of tree for safe climbing or platform access.

Hedge Maintenance

Hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact and to maintain shape and boundary lines.

Crown lift

A crown lift is the complete removal of the lowest branches back to the main trunk or the reducing back in length of the lowest branches which increase the height of the main ground line above ground level.

Crown Thin

Removing selected branches throughout the tree canopy. Crown thinning does not result in a major alteration in the outline of the tree but allows light into the canopy and reduces weight on major branches.

Crown reduction/reshape

This is the all-round reduction of the crown size of the tree branches/limbs up to suitable grown points.


Felling a tree is the complete removal of the tree to as near ground level as possible. This usually involves the dismantling of the tree in sections.

Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding provides the most effective form of stump removal with minimum disturbance. We can grind the tree stump down to approximately 8 inches below the surface.


All waste is cleared and disposed of from the site. Recycled clippings are used either as biomass power production or for local allotments, flower beds and footpaths.